On Wednesday, 29 October 2014, the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association-HELMEPA unveiled its revamped “Marine Environment - Shipping - Sciences” Exhibition in the Piraeus Port Authority’s Events Hall.

The Exhibition is part of the “Educational Community and Public Awareness Campaign for the Marine Environment, Shipping and Sciences”, which is carried out by HELMEPA with the support of the Lloyd's Register Foundation (LRF)* in 14 Greek cities until 2017. The city of Piraeus was the first stop of the Campaign.

The Exhibition was inaugurated by children-members of the HELMEPA Junior program, joined by Messrs J. Coustas - HELMEPA Chairman, Th. Stamatellos - Lloyd’s Register Area Marine Manager for Greece, East Mediterranean and Adriatic, M. Varvitsiotis - Minister of Shipping and the Aegean, and Y. Anomeritis - Chairman and Managing Director of the Port Authority of Piraeus.

In cooperation with the Primary Education Directorate of Piraeus, 800 schoolchildren and 50 teachers from local Primary Schools visited the Exhibition, from 29 October to 5 November.

During their guided tour, schoolchildren were informed by HELMEPA’s scientific staff about the importance of the marine environment for life on Earth, the threats it faces from uncontrolled human activities, the evolution of marine sciences and the contribution of shipping to global prosperity. Young schoolchildren thoroughly enjoyed the interactive section of the Exhibition, where they were involved in the cleaning of a “virtual” beach” from its garbage placing the litter items in recycling bins. Following, the schoolchildren had the opportunity to view an environmental documentary of the Hellenic Center for Marine Research (HCMR).

The positive evaluation by visiting teachers is evident from the following indicative comments registered in the Visitor’s Book:

“Thank you very much! The presentation was highly interesting and attracted particularly the interest of the children. We would also like to state the directness and the good contact of the presenters with the schoolchildren. All the best for the future!”
17th Primary School of Piraeus (Ε1 & Ε2), 30/10/14

“Thank you very much for your worthwhile initiative. In their first contact with these issues, the 5th class pupils were amazed by the environmental data and had many questions. Particularly significant was the contribution of the presenters and their pedagogical approach. Continue in the same way. Earth is our one and only home and HELMEPA is our companion in this journey.”
4th Primary School of Ag. I. Rentis (Ε1 & Ε2), 30/10/14

“Great presentation, easily understood and fully descriptive with an interesting content. Thank you!"
2nd Primary school of Salamina (D2, Ε1 & Ε2), 31/10/14

The Exhibition was also visited by secondary education pupils and teachers from the “St. Paul” School of Piraeus, as well as students and professors of the Maritime Dept. of IEK Xyni in Piraeus. Following their visit to the Exhibition, students and professors enjoyed a presentation from staff of the Piraeus Port Authority about the port’s activities and a guided tour of the cruise terminal.