Retiring of USCG Admiral Joe Servidio

On 22nd June 2017, invited by the Commandant of the United States Coast Guard, Admiral Paul Zukunft, the Director General and the Executive Coordinator of HELMEPA attended a retiring ceremony in honor of Admiral Joe Servidio. It was under the latter's Port State Control command that the annual meetings between representatives of HELMEPA Members and the competent staff of this important Sector for foreign-flag vessels visiting US waters began.

Upon the initiative of Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy, RADM Paul Thomas, Mr. Mitsatsos and Mrs. Prekezes met with him and his successor, RADM John Nadeau, whom they informed on HELMEPA and its 30 year-long ties with USCG's Sector, which he is soon taking over. During the meeting, they talked about the voluntary initiatives of HELMEPA, they exchanged ideas on closer cooperation for the better information of Greek seafarers serving upon Member-vessels and discussed theTHE meeting to take place next November.

HELMEPA's representatives thanked Admiral Thomas for his cooperation and wished him every success in his new duties as USCG 8th District Commander.

HELMEPA’s Scholarships for the 2017-2018 academic year

Honoring the memory of the late George P. Livanos, Founder of HELMEPA, Captain Vassilis C. Constantakopoulos, Honorary Chairman and Stavros Daifas, Founding Member of the Association, the Board of Directors, having examined the 26 high-quality submitted entries, awards three Scholarships, worth €15.000 each, for postgraduate studies, as follows:

(1) George P. Livanos Scholarship, to Mr Antonios-Stefanos Vakondios, son of a seafarer and graduate of the Law School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, for the acquisition of an LLM degree in Maritime Law at the University of Southampton.

(2) Captain Vassilis C. Constantakopoulos Scholarship, to Mr Alexandros-Gerasimos Kellaris, a distinguished graduate of the Department of Biology of the University of Crete, for the acquisition of an MSc degree in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation at Imperial College in London.

(3) Stavros Daifas Scholarship, to Ms Marianna Dimitriou, a graduate of the Naval Architecture Department of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, for the acquisition of an MSc degree in Marine Engineering at Newcastle University. This scholarship is kind donation of Ms Irene St. Daifas, Special Secretary of the Board of Directors of HELMEPA.

HELMEPA thanks all the candidates for their interest and congratulates the three new Scholars, whishing them every success in their studies!

Gill Whittaker has gone

Great was the sadness we, in HELMEPA, felt when we were informed that our great friend Gill, is no longer among us. She has been a firm supporter of HELMEPA since the very day it was launched in 1982. Gill believed in the role every aware human being plays and his/her contribution to the joint effort towards protecting our seas from pollution. With her articles, she helped the projection of this voluntary Greek maritime initiative within the world shipping community and was really enjoying every achievement of the association, especially in the field of kids' education.

Maritime journalism is deprived of an efficient and objective member and Greece of a sincere friend, Gill Whittaker.

HELMEPA celebrated its 35th anniversary

In an atmosphere full of excitement, at the Yacht Club of Greece, hundreds of supporters and friends, along with Mrs Fotini P. Livanos, celebrated on Tuesday 6 June, 35 years of operation of the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association-HELMEPA, founded on the initiative of the late George P. Livanos.

Members of the Parliament, State officials, members of the Diplomatic Corps, the Hellenic Coast Guard Commandant, the Chief of the Fleet, the President of the UGS, former Chairmen of HELMEPA, members of the Greek and international maritime community, Presidents and Directors of AUSMEPA-Australia, CYMEPA-Cyprus, NAMEPA-North America êáé TURMEPA-Turkey as well as representatives of Greek and foreign shipping press honored the event, which was coordinated by the journalist Ms Niki Lymberaki.

The TV spot with the "Seagull" of 1984, a video with facts and achievements of the 35year long work of HELMEPA and the presenter's statement that her generation grew up with the message "no garbage, no plastic in the seas and on beaches", provided the basis upon which Dr. George Gratsos, Chairman of the Board of Directors presented a brief account of the association's work in his address. He referred to the voluntary contribution of HELMEPA in the maritime training of Greek officers, the environmental awareness of the wider public and the students as well as the creation of similar associations in 7 more countries.

"Shipowners and seafarers, inspired by George P. Livanos, co-signed in 1982 a joint declaration with which HELMEPA operates and will continue to do so as long as Greek shipping exists" , emphasized Dr Matthaios D. Los, Founding Member of the association and Treasurer of the Union of Greek Shipowners.

On behalf of the 15,000 Greek member seafarers, the President of Union of Masters and Mates of the Greek Merchant Marine, Captain Manolis Tsikalakis, underlined that "Greek mariners believe in HELMEPA, which with its work contributed also in their being treated with respect by national maritime administrations."

"The work and example of HELMEPA offer Greece a special distinction, comparable to the advantageous position of the Greek owned fleet within global shipping. It took the vision, creativity and faith of a great Greek shipowner and patriot - George P. Livanos - for Greece to express the best its maritime tradition has to show" stated Mr. Basil Phr. Papachristidis, second HELMEPA Chairman, in his address read by Ms. Lymberaki.

Honoring Mr. Andreas Potamianos, who served HELMEPA's goals for a number of years as Member of the Board, Dr. G. Gratsos bestowed him a commemorative placard. In his thanking address, Mr. Potamianos praised the vision of the late G.P. Livanos and spoke on HELMEPA's achievements through his personal experiences, specifically at the beginning.

Also honored at the event was Captain John Tsenembis, associate member of HELMEPA since 1983, first and for many years instructor at the association's seminars. In his brief speech, he referred to his personal memories from the first years of this initiative of Greek shipping, which he still serves. Presenting him with a commemorative placard, Mr. Paul Ioannidis, associate Member and Member of the first Board of Directors, stressed the fact that HELMEPA was the first to accept and implement in its training the safety spirit with which the global aviation industry was already operating.

Moving on from maritime training to the environmental education of children, Mr. Nikos Tsakos, former Chairman of HELMEPA, presented Mrs Carmen Constantakopoulos with a commemorative placard in appreciation of the support of her late husband Capt. Vassilis Constantakopoulos to "HELMEPA Junior" program, which is continued by his sons and Costamare Shipping. Mrs Constantakopoulos expressed her warm gratitude to all those who contribute to the environmental awareness of the younger generation.

HELMEPA was exposed for the first time to the international shipping in 1985, participating in the Seatrade exhibition in New York and since then is present at every "Posidonia" with the initiative of their founder Mr. Themistocles Vokos, Honorary Member of HELMEPA. In his address, Mr. Vokos expressed his admiration to the vision of George Livanos and all the contributors to the successful evolution of the association, to what it offers to maritime training and environmental education and wished that this work continues for many years to come.

The Commandant of the Hellenic Coast Guard, Vice-Admiral Stamatis Raptis referred to the long standing cooperation of the Coast Guard with HELMEPA. Similarly, Vice-Admiral Ioannis Pavlopoulos, Chief of the Fleet, thanked the association for the gratis participation of Hellenic Navy personnel in its training programs.

First classification Associate Member was American Bureau of Shipping-ABS and on the reasons for which they supported this voluntary initiative from the very beginning, referred Mr. Dimitris Houliarakis, at the time prominent member of ABS staff.

Significant to the successful growth of HELMEPA was and remains the contribution of Associate Member Companies. Commemorative honorary placards were presented to the representatives of the first 3 Associate Members as well as for the extra support to HELMEPA's needs. To Mr. Vassilios Kroustallis, Senior Vice President, ABS Europe, to Mr. George Teriakidis, Regional Business Development Manager, DNV GL and Mr. Theodossis Stamatellos, Area Manager, Greece, East Mediterranean and Adriatic, Lloyd's Register. All of them in their respective addresses praised the association for its constant voluntary contribution to shipping and the wider community, renewing their commitment to continue supporting it in the future.

Congratulations and wishes for continuation of its work expressed also to the Members of the Board and the Secretariat of HELMEPA the 300 Greek and foreign guests who honored the event during the reception that followed, closing a enjoyful evening. The guests were offered, as a symbolic souvenir of the 35th anniversary, the special, well designed in English issue of "Naftika Chronika", which its editors had the initiative of dedicating to the 35 years of HELMEPA with data derived from the association's records.

New issue of 'The HELMEPA Navigator' Technical Bulletin (No. 134)

We have the pleasure of informing you that the new issue (No.134) of our Technical Bulletin "The HELMEPA Navigator" has been published, including articles on the following topics:

  • Performance of sewage treatment plants on board ships - alarming evidence from a new survey
  • 2016 PSC results in Tokyo MoU and Australia
  • Study on methane emissions from LNG carriers

Note: "The HELMEPA Navigator" Technical Bulletin is published both in English and Greek. It is sent electronically to HELMEPA member companies and seafarers, and is also available for download on our website (member's area).

INTERMEPA honors World Oceans Day

The Steering Committee of the International Marine Environment Protection Association-INTERMEPA met on Wednesday 7 June at the Metropolitan Hotel in Athens, on the occasion of HELMEPA's 35th Anniversary event.

Present at the meeting were the following Committee members: Mr Warwick Norman, Chairman of AUSMEPA and INTERMEPA, Mr George Tsavliris, Chairman of CYMEPA, Dr George Gratsos, HELMEPA Chairman along with Messrs Dimitris Mitsatsos and Nikos Gerassimou, Director General and Legal Advisor respectively and Mr Aksit Ozkural, General Manager of TURMEPA.

During a working lunch, the members of the Steering Committee exchanged ideas towards strengthening the cooperation of the members of INTERMEPA. Expressing all the members, the Chairman Mr W. Norman congratulated HELMEPA for its 35th anniversary as well as Mrs Sadan Kaptanoglu, Vice-Chairperson of INTERMEPA for being elected the first ever President Designate of BIMCO.

On the occasion of World Oceans Day, which is celebrated on 8th June 2017, the members of INTERMEPA, AUSMEPA in Australia, CYMEPA in Cyprus, HELMEPA in Greece, NAMEPA in North America, TURMEPA in Turkey, UKRMEPA in Ukraine and URUMEPA in Uruguay, honor the theme of this important Day "Our Ïceans, Our Future" as it reflects their philosophy.

"The protection of the marine environment and exploitation of ocean resources are compatible providing humans exercise care, restraint and understanding" as mentioned in the inaugural Declaration of the MEPAs and INTERMEPA.

Synergy between all the stakeholders of the "blue sector", in various parts of the world, is an essential element towards effectively addressing the challenges facing the oceans in order to ensure their sustainable future along with that of the world at large.

HELMEPA expresses its condolences for the loss of Alekos Goulandris

A minor problem we faced in our web site, prevented us from expressing our sorrow for the passing away of Alekos N. Goulandris, a HELMEPA Member for many years.

The deceased left for us the heritage that Greece needs the involvement of each one of us so that it can continue to exist. His initiatives in the shipbuilding industry through Neorion Syros Shipyards and his shipping activities in parallel with his social work contributed to the economic development of our country. All of us in HELMEPA wish that his successors will continue his legacy.

35th General Assembly of the Members of HELMEPA

The 35th Regular General Assembly of HELMEPA, held on Tuesday 16 May 2017, was of a historic character as it was hosted at Member-Company CERES, in the same place where the first General Assembly took place 35 years ago.

HELMEPA's Chairman Dr G. Gratsos chaired the Assembly with acting Secretaries Mrs. Th. Papaemmanouil of ANANGEL MARITIME SERVICES Inc. and Mr. E. Stergiopoulos of GASLOG LNG SERVICES Ltd.

During his brief address, Dr Gratsos made reference to the activities of the association highlighting the training of officers on the bridge simulator, which was acquired by HELMEPA thanks to the efforts of his predecessor, Dr J. Coustas and the kind donation of Corporate Associate Member DNV GL. Referring to the training seminars offered by HELMEPA, which are attended annually by approximately 350 officers and staff of Member Companies, he stressed that they are possibly unique worldwide as they don't focus only on maritime regulations but also on practical implementation and the operational experience of the vessels' managing Offices. The selection of topics is carried out by a Committee of 12 experienced staff members of shipping companies managing a total of approximately 350 vessels - tankers, bulk carriers, container ships, product carriers, chemical carriers and LNG - classification societies and staff of HELMEPA's Maritime Training Center Secretariat. Therefore, these seminars offer the experience of companies and seafarers of vessels visiting annually approximately 3,000 ports, where they face continuous inspections by authorities.

Dr Gratsos went on to note that the environmental education initiatives are spreading throughout Greece also with the 3-year long "Campaign" funded by Lloyd's Register Foundation, while international cooperation with the MEPAs' network is continuing. Closing, the Chairman stated that "all environmental regulations, inspections, penalties and fines have been created by the international community because there are still people amongst us who have not realized the significant benefits of environmental protection. These are the people we want to approach and enhance their environmental awareness, for their benefit and that of the environment" .

The Director General, Mr. D. C. Mitsatsos presented the activities of 2016, which were unanimously approved by the Assembly. The Treasurer of the Board of Directors, Mr. N. Bafaloukos, described the finances during 2016. The Assembly approved the financial status presented by the Auditors, Moore Stephens and released the Board of Directors and Auditors from any management responsibility for the year 2016, electing the latter once again for 2017.

Mr. Bill Box, Senior Manager and Commercial Area Manager for Greece/Cyprus of Associate Corporate Member INTERTANKO, conveyed to the Assembly the appreciation of all Members of this international association for the work of HELMEPA, especially the bridge simulator training, the activities of "HELMEPA Junior" and the voluntary beach cleanups. Closing, he stated that the instigator of the association, the late G. Livanos, "would be thrilled seeing, 35 years later, the achievements of HELMEPA and its sister Associations-MEPAs worldwide" .

Present at the Assembly were the Chairman of CYMEPA, Mr. G. Tsavliris, HELMEPA Founding Members Dr Ì. Los and Í. Soutos and Honorary Members, Messrs P. Ioannidis, J. Polychronopoulos and Í. Tsavliris.

A light buffet followed, kindly offered by CERES.

HELMEPA expresses sincere condolences for the loss of the late Aristeidis Alafouzos

It is with sadness that we were informed today that Aristeidis Alafouzos is no longer amongst us. Besides all that he has offered to society as a human, a civil engineer-projects’ contractor and later as a shipowner, he was also a warm supporter of the mission of the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association-HELMEPA. Since 1986, vessels and officers of companies GLAFKI and KYKLADES MARITIME, participated in the voluntary of HELMEPA for pollution prevention.

The Chairman Dr. George A. Gratsos, the Members of the Board of Directors, the Management and the staff of HELMEPA’ s Secretariat express our heartfelt condolences to the relatives and partners of the late Aristeidis Alafouzos with the wish that they continue his work honoring his memory.

The HELMEPA - Lloyd's Register Foundation Campaign in Sparta comes to a close

The activities of the "Educational Community and Public Awareness Campaign on the Marine Environment, Shipping and Sciences" were successfully concluded at Sparta

This Campaign, supported by Lloyd's Register Foundation* (LRF), is carried out in 14 cities of Greece between 2014 and 2017.

The Campaign in Sparta was placed under the auspices of the Regional Authority of Lakonia/Region of Peloponnese and the environmental Exhibition was hosted at their headquarters in Sparta, from 25 April until 9 May. The latter was visited in total by 876 students and 69 teachers of 12 Primary and 4 High Schools from Sparta and the wider region of Lakonia.

According to preliminary results of the survey conducted by HELMEPA in each region concerning environmental awareness, the students of Sparta are environmentally aware to a great extent, participate in environmental activities and 93% of them take part in the Municipal recycling program. An encouraging fact is that 9 out of 10 high school students consider environmental protection as their own duty and not only of the State and Local Authorities. 1 out of 2 high school students were impressed by the thematic section of the Exhibition titled "The Marine World", where HELMEPA's scientific staff presents the importance of the sea for humans and for the preservation of life on Earth, while 58% of elementary schoolchildren stated an interest in pursuing in the future a sea-related career. Finally, the main environmental issues of concern for the students were marine litter pollution, the many years-long it takes for trash to decompose in the environment and the killing or entrapment of animals in trash, as well as the reduction of the fish stocks.

The Campaign came to a close with the voluntary cleanup on the banks of River Evrotas by 45 students of the 9th Primary School of Sparta and their teachers. Besides gathering enthusiastically the trash they found, the young volunteers also acted as ‘young scientists' by recording the litter items in special data sheets provided by HELMEPA, thus contributing to the scientific monitoring of marine litter.

HELMEPA thanks to the Regional Authority of Lakonia, not only for hosting the Exhibition but also for its assistance in implementing the Campaign, the Education Directorates of Lakonia for their contribution in the scheduling of activities, as well as the schoolchildren and teachers who "embraced" the Campaign's messages for a cleaner marine environment.

* Note to the Editors:
Lloyd's Register Foundation (LRF) helps to protect life and property by supporting engineering-related education, public engagement and the application of research.

HELMEPA receives the EFKRANTI Award for Best Communication Strategy

Yesterday, 9 May 2017, at the Foundation Chatherine Laskarides in Piraeus, the shipping magazine NAFTIKA CHRONIKA presented the EFKRANTI Awards 2016.

In a packed room, at the presence of the Minister of Shipping and Island Policy, the Commandant of the Hellenic Coast Guard, representatives of shipping entities, companies and the Press, HELMEPA was honored with the Award for best communication strategy, "for its organized, consistent, transparent and meaningful communication policy through cooperation with mass media representatives" .

The President of the Masters and Mates Union of Greek Merchant Marine (PEPEN), Mr. Em. Tsikalakis, introducing the award, stated:

"I feel especially honored to represent the large maritime family of Greek Masters and it is a great joy for me specifically, that as President of PEPEN, I present this award to HELMEPA. With HELMEPA we are connected with inextricable bonds because of our common aims and efforts for the protection of the marine environment and ocean resources. All of us, the Greek captains do not forget the endeavours of the pioneers of the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association - 35 years now - to nurture a high level of environmental consciousness through multiple means of information and refresher training… we owe them a lot!

The acceptance of HELMEPA"s goals by the entirety of the shipping world, seafarers and owners alike, shows that the vision of the late shipowner George Livanos met with "receptive ears" and was materialized by competent and sensitized personnel. Presenting the EFKRANTI Award, I wish to congratulate the organizers for the selection of the recipient and for the fact that they stand by the maritime community and to HELMEPA for the immense environmental work carried out… warm congratulations."

Receiving the Award, HELMEPA Chairman Dr. G. Gratsos warmly thanked NAFTIKA CHRONIKA on behalf of his colleagues at the Board of Directors, the Secretariat and especially the volunteer Members of the association. He referred to the late George P. Livanos, who had the idea of bringing together seafarers and shipowners, motivating them voluntarily and proactively. Furthermore, he stressed the offering of continuous training to merchant marine officers by means of simulator courses, seminars and e-learning and he mentioned the sister organizations - MEPAs created in 7 more countries and cooperating among them under the umbrella of INTERMEPA. Closing, Dr. Gratsos accentuated the fact that HELMEPA Members realized from the very beginning the need of sensitizing the younger generation on the protection of the sea and the environment, "something we do at an ever more intensive pace".

All of us in HELMEPA wish to warmly congratulate each and every recipient of the Awards as well as the organizers and supporters of the event!

The HELMEPA Monitor, issue No. 14

The new, 14th issue of our bimonthly electronic publication "The HELMEPA Monitor" has been released. This initiative was undertaken as a result of the close collaboration between the US Coast Guard and HELMEPA and we believe that it is a useful tool for the companies and crews of the ships trading in US waters.

The current issue includes the following articles:

  • USCG Port State Control statistics for the year 2016
  • New E-Zero initiative within the QUALSHIP 21 Program
  • To extend or not to extend - Updated highlights and tips on the USCG Ballast Water Management Extension Program
  • Eavesdropping on whales on the East Coast to avoid collisions with ships

Note: All the issues of "The HELMEPA Monitor" are available in English for HELMEPA members on our website.

MoU between HELMEPA and Dubai Council for Marine and Maritime Industries

Today, Thursday 4 May 2017, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association-HELMEPA and the United Arab Emirates Offshore and Shipping Industry, represented by the Dubai Council for Marine and Maritime Industries (DcmmiEmirates).

The signing ceremony took place in Athens in the framework of the 3rd Session of Joint Cooperation Committee of Greece and the UAE, in the presence of Ministers G. Katrougkalos and G. Stathakis of Greece and Dr. Sultan Bin Ahmad Al Jaber, Minister of State of UAE.

Signing the MoU, Dr. George Gratsos, Chairman of HELMEPA and Mr Khamis Juma Buamim, Chairman of DcmmiEmirates, committed the two organizations to voluntarily cooperate towards establishing the Emirates Marine Environment Protection Association-EMEPA, a non-profit making entity dedicated to the preservation of the marine environment and enhancement of safety.

Details of this cooperation are provided in an agreed upon Action Plan.

HELMEPA Junior members paint their marine world!

The Panhellenic Drawing Competition of "HELMEPA Junior" Program based on the theme "What a rich seafloor, a magic marine world!" has been successfully completed. The Program's young volunteers colorfully depicted on paper the magical marine environment thus reminding us with their artworks why we all have a duty to protect them.

The Competition was held separately for kids under 2 age categories: (a) 5-7 years old and Special Education Centers and (b) 8-12 years old. HELMEPA received a total of 314 artworks from 336 "HELMEPA Junior" Groups from 104 Kindergartens and Primary Schools across Greece.

The Program's Groups and Board of Representatives voted for the best artworks and the winning drawings were:

Kids 5-7 years old and Special Education Centers

  • 1st Prize: Primary Special Education School of Amfissa, Group 60(K), 9-15 years old
  • 2nd Prize: "ILIADI" Private Primary School, Island of Salamina, Attica, Groups 1932(A)-1933(A)-1934(A)-1935(A), 7 years old
  • 3rd Prize: Kindergarten of Mavrothalassa of Serres, Groups 2278(N)-2279(N), 5 years old

Kids 8-12 years old

  • 1st Prize: "ILIADI" Private Primary School, Island of Salamina, Attica, Groups 2749(B)-2750(B)-2751(B), 9 years old
  • 2nd Prize: Primary School of Loutrochori, Pella, Group 388(E), 11-12 years old
  • 3rd Prize: 10th Primary School of Alexandroupoli, Group 1029(D), 12 year old

The two first-prize winning artworks were printed as posters and feature the names of the young artists and their Teachers in both Greek and English. These will be distributed widely throughout Greece and abroad. The members of the Groups awarded 2nd and 3rd prizes will each receive special Commemorative Certificates of Participation

Congratulations to all the young artists for their wonderful work!

All the drawings of the two categories can be viewed at the following links:

Update on QUALSHIP 21

According to data just published by the USCG, current holders of the Qualship 21 Certificate include a total of 60 HELMEPA member vessels managed by 25 companies, as shown in the following table:

Managing Company Number of Vessels*
Total number of member vessels 60

* Note: Vessels of the company that also carry the QUALSHIP 21 Certificate but are not members of HELMEPA are not included in the numbers given in the table.

Memorandum of Cooperation between HELMEPA and RINA HELLAS

Today, Tuesday 14 February 2017, Dr. George Gratsos, Chairman of the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association - HELMEPA and Mr. Spyridon Zolotas, Area Manager Greece and Cyprus, RINA HELLAS, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation between the two Organizations, at HELMEPA's offices.

The Memorandum refers to the development of cooperation between the two entities with the aim to enhance skills, competence, training and awareness of the human element in shipping that meets the needs of an efficient, safe, secure and environmentally friendly maritime industry.

To this end and as a first step, the capabilities offered by HELMEPA's Full Mission Bridge Simulator will be utilized in the context of the Competence Management System, a scheme developed by RINA for assessing and continuously improving the technical and non-technical skills of onboard personnel.

Pleasant surprise was for everybody the coincidental visit to HELMEPA's offices during the signing ceremony of Mr. Warwick Norman, Chairman of the Australian Marine Environment Protection Association - AUSMEPA as well as INTERMEPA, who saluted this initiative as one more synergy for the benefit of the human element in shipping.

Following the signing, a brief meeting took place where issues pertaining to the continuous training of merchant marine officers under the current situation and contemporary challenges were discussed.

HELMEPA's Enriched ''e-Learning'' Program

HELMEPA's enriched e-Learning Program with 4 new topics is already available, to its Members and Non Members, with the following two "training packages" in English:

Environmental Training Course

  • SOPEP (Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan)
  • Vessel General Permit
  • Ballast Water Management
  • Marine Litter - MARPOL Annex V
  • Ship's Emission Control Worldwide and in ECAs
  • Oil Record Book, Part I
  • Sewage and Grey Water Management Onboard

Safety related Training Course

  • Risk Assessment during loading/unloading operations in tankers
  • Accident prevention during lifeboats
  • Safe entry into enclosed spaces
  • Navigation in dense and controlled traffic
  • Weaknesses related to Fire Safety
  • Maritime Labour Convention - general overview
  • Passage Planning (with reference to PSSAs)

Each topic of the abovementioned includes:

- PowerPoint Presentation,
- 30 multiple choice questions to test what users have learnt, who have 3 attempts available to achieve a score of at least 66% in order to be Certified;
- A course evaluation form for comments/feedbacks

More information at the link