In every city of the Campaign, HELMEPA in cooperation with the local Directorates for Primary and Secondary Education will carry out a 3-hour Seminar for teachers titled “The marine environment and us: ensuring a sustainable future”.

The Seminar aims at informing teachers about recent developments in the fields of marine environment, shipping and sciences, as well as contemporary environmental challenges facing humanity, such as climate change and marine litter.

Participants are provided with directions and sources of further bibliographic research in order to expand their knowledge on the specific theme they will select to work on in class. Also, teachers are informed about HELMEPA’s environmental education programs and how to apply them in order to sensitize and mobilize their students on environmental issues.

Participating teachers receive a HELMEPA Certificate of Attendance and have the opportunity to become members of the “Marine Teachers’ Network”.

Members of the Network receive regular information concerning scientific developments on the Campaign’s themes and updates on the activities of HELMEPA. Also, they are able to project their actions and share their ideas with their colleagues through the Campaign’s microsite and HELMEPA’s Facebook page.