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The concept of Responsibility today, both in the fields of Business and Society in general, seems more relevant than ever, as evidenced by the "Agenda 2030", the joint commitment of Member States of the United Nations to achieve Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. In particular, the concept of sustainability is integrated into the strategy and activities of all in the shipping industry by adopting best practices, based on the values ​​of Business Ethics and Social Responsibility.


HELMEPA’s aim is to support environmental awareness and sustainability initiatives providing the opportunity to its Associate Members to project a high level of Corporate Social Responsibility. In fact, since the mid-1980s our Association has been a pioneer in nurturing an environmental consciousness and dealing responsibly with environmental issues through the implementation of:


It is worth noting that since the mid-80s HELMEPA was a pioneer in cultivating ecological consciousness and responsibly addressing environmental issues through:


  1. Continuous education and training 20,000+ seafarers and office executives in Greece.
  2. Environmental education programs, such as the “HELMEPA Junior” and the “Cadets”, in which 125,000+ students and young people and 7,500 teachers have been active to date.
  3. Wider awareness-raising activities, such as environmental exhibitions, workshops and voluntary beach and seabed cleanings throughout the country, in which a total of 300,000+ people have participated so far. In fact, it is noteworthy that in 2021, in a difficult year for everyone due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we managed to coordinate with our volunteers 196 actions, covering a total coastline of 130 kilometers!


HELMEPA offers its Corporate Members the following indicative benefits:


  1. Members only use of HELMEPA logo to enhance your company’s ESG/CSR credentials
  2. Staff experiential participation in activities that enhance volunteerism, engagement, and cultivation of environmental mindset (e.g. International Coastal Cleanup campaign)
  3. Unlimited access to environmental educational and awareness raising videos (HELMEPA productions) via our new e-Learning Platform
  4. Training Credits for your staff (min participation in 34 webinars, 36+new topics, ESG, SDGs, Soft skills ) – available in English
  5. Accurate and timely newsfeeds/updates on shipping and marine protection developments (new email service)
  6. Mentoring and growth opportunities for staff via interactivity with youth (school, university, postgrad)
  7. Information sharing and access to community members, and encouragement of joint projects developments with HELMEPA Secretariat
  8. Receipt of HELMEPA newsletter and possibility to showcase members’ best practices 
  9. Nomination of representative to serve on HELMEPA’s Board of Directors following elections by the Members’ General Assembly
  10. Multiple occasions to showcase your support with the use of your company’s logo (i.e. events, campaigns, posters, social media)


For the Associate Corporate Members the following extra benefits are provided:


  1. Display company logo and present their activities in a dedicated section of HELMEPA’s website;
  2. Participation in events (speaker or/and participant), innovative environmental exhibitions, international workshops, etc.
  3. Participation in our Beach Cleanup campaigns, under the guidance and coordination of HELMEPA.


We are looking forward to welcoming you as Corporate members of HELMEPA and cooperating in promoting environmental protection and sustainability issues!