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The benefits of Member shore-based Companies/Organizations

Shore-based Companies and Organizations as HELMEPA’s Associate Members enrich the ways by which they can demonstrate their high level of Corporate Social Responsibility within the wider community. Their participation in various activities of the Association heightens the environmental consciousness of their staff while promoting a “green” image of the company across HELMEPA’s membership and the wider public in Greece and worldwide.


reasons of optimism for the future,

which is the number of HELMEPA Junior children members


were the activities of the children for a better EARTH


“congratulations” and “thank you”

to the 369 volunteer teachers of the Program


entries on topic “I dive into the ocean and discover…”

of the Panhellenic Drawing Contest of HELMEPA Junior


the new student-visitors of HELMEPA’s exhibitions


252 reasons to be satisfied, which is the number of officers
who praised the Refresher Training    


reasons to enhance the voluntary training,

which is the number of seafarers who used our e-Learning


reasons, as many as the Members of HELMEPA,

for us to continue with our efforts


3,600 students and 207 teachers
visited the mobile exhibition of HELMEPA-LRF for the Marine Environment,
Shipping and Sciences at Vrachati Korinthias, Gerakas, Salamina and Tripoli


congratulations to the respective volunteers all over Greece

that organized/participated in 252 cleanups of beaches, seafloor, rivers, lakes, and forests