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The Mission of HELMEPA

  • Encourage Greek shipowning companies, operators, managers and agents wherever located, as well as masters, deck and engineer officers and seafarer members of the Panhellenic Seamens’ Federation to enlist in the Association as Members.
  • Nurture a high level of environmental consciousness within the ranks of the Greek maritime community with the means of education, information, motivation and publicity,
  • Cooperate with and assist the government of Greece on issues related to international laws and regulations designed for the protection of the marine environment and life at sea,
  • Encourage the human element of the Greek maritime community to comply with national and international legislation designed for the prevention of marine pollution and help establish the spirit of safety onboard,
  • Grant Membership to individuals in recognition of their voluntary commitment to pollution prevention and safety at sea,
  • Recognize achievements of individuals or corporate members of the Greek maritime community for exemplary performance in the fields of marine pollution prevention and safety