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Membership Categories

The Members of HELMEPA (catalog) are grouped under the following categories:


  • Full Members, Greek owned shipowning companies.
  • Associate Corporate Members (a) Greek owned shipowning companies of foreign flag vessels classed with a member of IACS, holding ISM Document of Compliance, and (b) Companies/Organizations, Greek or foreign, directly or indirectly related to the Greek shipping community.
  • Associate Members, any individual connected to the sea through his/her profession.
  • Honorary Members, elected by the General Assembly in recognition of their contribution towards the achievement of the Association’s goals.


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Τhe first two categories sustain the financial operation of HELMEPA through their annual fees.

As an outcome of the 33rd General Assembly of HELMEPA, the shipowning companies of vessels with tonnage between 500 and 5,000 GRT will have a reduced annual contribution. Also a new membership category titled «Partner Members» was created for companies and organizations, the annual contribution of which will be determined by the Board of Directors, and will be higher than the amount defined by the General Assembly.


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