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Membership Categories

The Members of HELMEPA (catalog) are grouped under the following categories:


  1. Full Members, Ship-owning companies of Greek interests and all the ships under their management.

  2. Associate Corporate Members:
    (a) Cooperating Associate Members, organizations/companies in Greece or abroad such as (indicatively but not restrictively) Banks, Classification Societies, P&I Clubs, Flag Registries etc.

    (b) Associate Supporters, organizations/companies such as (indicatively but not restrictively) Shipping Suppliers, Insurance Companies, Chartered Accountants, International Organizations, Law Firms, Oil Companies, Insurance Brokers, Salvage Companies, Ship Brokers, Environmental Enterprises, Tourist Services, Marinas, Schools, Environmental Bodies, Institutions and other companies that belong and operate in the general maritime sector.

    (c) Managing/ship-owning companies of non-Greek interests.

  3. Associate Members, any individual connected to the sea through his/her profession.

  4. Honorary Members, elected by the General Assembly in recognition of their contribution towards the achievement of the Association’s goals.


Τhe first two categories sustain the financial operation of HELMEPA through their annual fees.