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What is HELMEPA?

What is HELMEPA?

It is the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association, a non-governmental, non-profit association based in Athens, Greece. Its founding is based on the pioneering voluntary commitment of Greek seafarers and ship owners to safeguard the seas from ship-generated pollution, undertaken in Piraeus, on June 4, 1982, under the motto “To Save the Seas”, which they have consistently supported to date. The financial operation of HELMEPA is solely based on the annual contribution of its Members and donations. For further information please follow the link.

Who are the Members of HELMEPA and how may I become a Member?

Members of HELMEPA (a) Greek-owned shipowning companies, (b) companies and organizations in Greece or abroad, directly or indirectly related to the Greek shipping community, and (c) seafarers and other individuals connected to the sea through their profession. For further information on the Members’ categories and a detailed list of our Members please follow the link.


Shipowning Company – to register as a Member of HELMEPA and further details

Shore-based Company/Organization – to register as a Member of HELMEPA and further details

Are you a Seafarer or are you connected professionally to the marine environment and you wish to become a HELMEPA Associate-Member? 

May I attend Seminars of HELMEPA’s Maritime Training Center for Pollution Prevention, Safety at Sea, and Environmental Awareness?

Participation in the seminars of the annual Refresher Training Program and the Bridge Simulator of HELMEPA is open exclusively to officers and staff of Member-companies. Seafarers may also register through the Panhellenic Seafarers Federation (PNO). Further information on:

What is the e-Learning Program;

It is an online program offering the opportunity to seafarers and staff of Member-companies for distance learning on Pollution Prevention and Safety issues, in English. For further information please follow the link.

What is the “HELMEPA Junior” Program? 

A voluntary environmental education program for children aged 5-12 years old, which has been operating since 1993 with the approval of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs and a total participation of 118,872 students and 4,106 Volunteer Teachers so far. The program aims to contribute, through information sharing and mobilization of the educational community, to marine conservation, which is the core target of Objective 14 “Life Under the Sea”, of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. For more information please visit this link.

How can I participate with my students as a Volunteer Teacher in the “HELMEPA Junior” Program?

Any Teacher throughout Greece may voluntarily participate in the Program, creating one or more Groups of about 10 children of the same class (aged 5-12). At the beginning of each school year and following approval by the Ministry, the registration form is available on the Program’s website to be filled in by interested teachers. For more information please visit this link.

How can I visit HELMEPA’s Environmental Exhibitions with my students?

HELMEPA operates two permanent environmental Exhibitions which are hosted by member companies Ceres in Piraeus and Costamare in P. Faliro. Prior communication with HELMEPA is required in order to schedule the date and time of the visit. The Exhibition in P. Faliro is addressed only to 3rd and 4th grade Primary School pupils, whereas the Exhibition in Piraeus is addressed to 5th and 6th grade Primary School pupils, Junior High School pupils, as well as University students, youth groups or even older people. Admission to the Exhibitions is free of charge and in addition, HELMEPA offers gratis transportation to and from the Exhibitions for public schools of Athens and Piraeus. For more information please visit this link.

What are the “HELMEPA Cadets”?

“HELMEPA Cadets” are volunteers, former HELMEPA Junior Members, and other sensitized youth, aged 13-29, who wish to expand their environmental interests and participate in HELMEPA’s activities. For mοre information and the online application please visit this link.

What scholarships does HELMEPA announce each year and in which scientific fields?

HELMEPA announces every year 2 scholarships valued at 15,000€ each, for candidates pursuing postgraduate courses (Master’s level) in Greece, or any other country of the European Union and/or Great Britain. The scholarships are awarded for studies in Shipping, in memory of George P. Livanos and Environmental Studies, in memory of Captain Vassilis C. Constantakopoulos. For more information please visit this link.

When do voluntary cleanups take place and how can I participate?

HELMEPA coordinates every year 2 international voluntary cleanup initiatives in Greece: the International Coastal Cleanup during September/October and the “Let’s Clean Up Europe” campaign in May. These activities are symbolic and educational aiming to highlight the connection between marine pollution and our personal conduct towards the environment. Voluntary cleanups can be carried out by Member-companies, Local Authorities, Port Authorities, Nautical Clubs, Diving Centers, Schools, entities cooperating with HELMEPA across Greece and sensitized citizens, who can contribute to this initiative by cleaning their favorite beach, a section of the seabed, a riverbank or lake, a forest area or park. The Cleanup Registration Form is submitted online. For more information please visit this link.