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Environmental Awareness Quality Policy

Any information offered to member-companies and seafarers on issues related to shipping, to the wider Public regarding environmental issues related to social behavior and to the international community towards expanding the philosophy of HELMEPA must be consistent, transparent, correct, valid, timely and always abiding by the Quality Objectives outlined hereunder.


Continuous review and improvement of services offered by the Center in all tiers of activities, functioning as sections in an interrelated way, is ensured through the setting of and implementing Specific Targets and Key Performance Indicators.


  1. To help build and enhance environmental behaviour of the wider society so as awareness prevails, communication and synergies with Local Authorities and school communities are of utmost importance. Summer campaigns and execution of special projects that are so designed as to bring people close to the realities of the environment and the threats that it is faced with are implemented. The annual HELMEPA “Seagull” summer campaign includes voluntary coastal cleanups, broadcast of TV motivational spots, printed material, student contests and other.
  2. Environmental exhibitions are maintained so that people can acquire a hands-on experience over the generation, dimensions and threats of marine pollution and peoples’ interaction with it.
  3. Statistical banks are maintained in order for those participating in the environmental education projects to be able to remain in contact with the association so that they can act as standard bearers at the places of their domicile and their working environment.