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2021 Refresher Training Program


Adapting to the new conditions and needs due to COVID-19 pandemic since the beginning of last year and prioritizing the safety of lecturers and trainees, the HELMEPA Maritime Training Center has suspended seminars with physical presence at its premises.


Consequently, we designed our new 2021 Refresher Training Program in a way that is appropriate for distant-learning, hoping that in the shipping field, which is "synonymous" with geographical dispersion, the inevitable limitations of training without physical presence can be at least partially offset by the important possibility and opportunity for a wide participation of our Members.


For this reason, this year's - and 39th consecutive - Refresher Training Program is the most thematically diversified and specialized among our latest programs. It was developed in consultation with our Training Committee taking into account the current and emerging developments in maritime regulations, the weak areas revealed by PSC inspections and the training needs highlighted by the suggestions of previous attendees and our Member companies. The 2021 Program consists of 8 different webinars that will be repeated from 3 to 5 times during the year, of which at least one will be in English, to enable foreign officers serving on our Member vessels to attend, as well.


Like every year, our Training Program will be implemented thanks to the voluntary contribution of expert lecturers from 18 Member managing companies and organizations (Classification Societies and P&I Clubs), as well as from collaborating authorities and institutions such as the Hellenic Coast Guard and the National Technical University of Athens. We express our deep appreciation and our warm thanks to all, expecting that, with their help and cooperation, we will once again offer useful information to all attendees, in order to promote safety and prevent pollution at sea.


Webinars 2021


  • Safety First (3-day): the webinar is offered under the three-year Program "Enhancing the Understanding of Maritime Safety Spirit in the Eastern Mediterranean", with updated and enriched content on operational safety, human element issues and experience from real incident investigations (more information).
  • Compliance with New Environmental Regulations (3-day): an overview of the most current issues in the rapidly evolving field of environmental regulations, with an emphasis on GHG emissions, ship recycling and experience-sharing on the use of new low-sulfur fuels, scrubbers and ballast water treatment systems (more information).
  • Preparing for PSC Inspections - New and Enduring Challenges (3-day): the long-standing as well as new issues that require caution in our effort to comply with the requirements of safety and pollution prevention regulations and avoid complications during inspections (more information).
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response (2-day): repeated for one more year with enriched content on drills, search and rescue operations, and the prevention of / response to as well as the consequences of pollution incidents (more information).
  • TMSA Implementation and Preparation for Vetting Inspections (2-day): last year's webinar with extended duration and content, providing the most updated info on TMSA and vetting inspections (more information).


  • Safe Carriage of Dangerous Cargoes in Packaged Form (2-day): new webinar on the latest version of the IMDG Code and the main safety issues when transporting packaged goods (more information).
  • Safe Carriage of Solid Bulk Cargoes (1-day): the main safety issues when handling various types of solid bulk cargoes and lessons learned from case studies of serious accidents in bulk carriers (more information).
  • Safe Carriage of Oil and Other Dangerous Liquid Cargoes (1-day): another new webinar, a brief overview of the IBC Code and key safety issues during loading/unloading and ship-to-ship tanker operations (more information).


The originally scheduled dates of the webinars can be found here. For final confirmation or any changes, you are kindly advised to regularly follow the relevant announcements on our website and on the HELMEPA Maritime facebook page.


The following are the terms / conditions of participation in the HELMEPA Training Program.




Participation (according to the decision of HELMEPA’s Board of Directors):


Webinars: Each managing Member company is entitled per year to 3 participations plus 5 participations per registered vessel, free of cost. Associate Corporate Members are entitled to 3 free participations per year. For additional participations a 20€ donation is kindly requested per entry.


Merchant marine officers or land based maritime personnel of Non Member companies may participate by kindly donating 50€ per entry (or 20€ for persons registered as HELMEPA Members).


Seminars: The seminars of the Program are offered exclusively to officers and land-based staff of HELMEPA Member Companies, free of cost. Each managing Member Company is entitled to 2 participations per year for each registered vessel plus 1 additional participation, if it is also registered as office. Associate Corporate Members are entitled to 1 participation per year.


Deadline for submission, acceptance and confirmation of participation:
The deadline for registration expires 3 working days before the seminar/webinar. If participation requests exceed available seats, consideration is based on the date of receipt. Requests for additional participations per Company are considered ad hoc upon availability of seats. The requested participations are confirmed by the secretariat of HELMEPA’s Maritime Sector via e-mail 3 working days before the starting date of the seminar/webinar.


Cancellations – Replacements:
For the smooth preparation of the seminars/webinars, we kindly ask you to notify us of any cancellation of participation or replacement of participant in a timely manner. In case of cancellation of the seminar/webinar (e.g. due to non-completion of the required minimum entries or non-availability of lecturers), you will be notified accordingly by e-mail 3 working days before the starting date.

20€ ανά συμμετοχή